Some of the app features

At the beginning the tasks are very easy, but with every right answer, the tasks will be more difficult. Can you beat the clock?

Do you take up this challenge?

Play against friends or other around the globe with Game Center.

Enjoy playing with Mathematics! This brain trainer is better than a Sudoku.

A very fun and amazing app brain trainer that help children (parents and seniors too) build their math fluency! The interface is touchy and quick-reacting which even increases the pleasure from using the app. It's like a math brain calculator and allow your children to make their brain work.

Plusx has a lot of fans over the world, addicted to it. If you try you are sure to become one of them! It is suitable for both adults, older people and teenagers as they can play and derive pleasure from calculate as quick as they can.

Mobile devices can also be used to help students or elderly practice foundational math skills and build their math fluency. Try it now and share your score on facebook, twitter, ...

The best New addictive Game with a beautiful minimalistic design!

What people is saying about Plusx game ?

  • "Better than an Arcade Game!!! It's totally addictive!"
  • "The New 2048 !!!"
  • "I can't stop playing and love challenge my friends!"
  • "My grandfather and grandmother use this app every day, like me!"
Don't hesitate! Share your score !!! (Game Center)

FREE Math game for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Available for all the family in the App Store.

This app is particularly recommended to help care for your parents and to keep your parents entertained. Old people, seniors and elderly can train their brain and memory (today's seniors have iPhones, iPads and other tech gadgets to care their health). This is a great app to help people dealing with cognitive exercices that come with problems associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of brain and memory problems. One of the best apps for older people (a must-have health care app).